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The University Medical Center Freiburg is the teaching hospital of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität. It was founded in 1457 and today comprises of three campuses in the city of Freiburg:

  • The main clinical campus is situated in the western part of the city between the Stühlinger and Beurbarung districts.
  • The off-campus clinics of the Psychiatry and Dermatology Departments are located in the city district of Herdern on Hauptstraße.
  • The Medical Theoretical Institutes are also located in the city district of Herdern in the Institute Quarter of the University.

The architectural style of the main clinical campus is exemplified by the Lorenzring. Although the hospital complex first began construction in 1926, most of the complex was destroyed during World War II. After the War, the hospital it was reconstructed according to the original plans. In the subsequent years, the self-contained building concept was expanded by the addition of satellite clinics.

The University Medical Center Freiburg engages in patient health care, research, and teaching. The Center has more than 10,000 employees and is the biggest employer in the region. Moreover, it has 1,600 beds in over 110 wards. There are approximately 58,000 inpatient admissions annually and over 300,000 patient visits per year in the outpatient clinics.

The University Medical Center believes that basic science and clinical research are prerequisites to realise the newest medical expertise and treatments and therefore encourages ongoing and new research by its physicians.

In addition, training of professions within the health sector is undertaken via the operation of schools and apprenticeship training. In total, there are approximately 550 apprenticeship training positions in the following schools: Nursing, Paediatric Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medical Technical Assistants, Midwifery and Orthoptics.