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Newsletters and RSS-Feeds

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  • Student Newsletter [de] from uniCROSS [de]: In this newsletter we inform students about important and interesting news, innovative developments, and events at our university. The newsletter will be automatically sent to all students.
  • Employee Newsletter [de]: This newsletter appears bi-weekly and offers up-to-date information of all kinds for employees of the university, including organizational and structural developments, innovative projects, calls for papers, events at the university, etc. Thanks to the built-in commentary function it also provides the possibility of dialog and exchange on the topics that interest our employees most.
  • Alumni Newsletter: The alumni newsletter keeps you up to date on the activities of Alumni Freiburg as well as other events at the university.
RSS Newsfeeds [de]


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What are RSS feeds? RSS is a technology for subscribing to content from websites in which the provider “feeds” the subscriber with information. Many web browsers and email programs are capable of organizing and displaying RSS feeds in addition to their primary functions. You only need to subscribe to the feeds in these programs; the program will do the rest. If you wish to read your RSS feeds independently of your web browser or your email program, you need an

Opera 7.5 and higher, Firefox, Thunderbird and Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher have an integrated feed reader.

If you wish to use an external feed reader, we recommend searching for “feed reader” or “news aggregator” on a search engine.