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Excellent Instruction


The University of Freiburg is one of only six universities in Germany to be distinguished in the “Excellent Teaching” competition organized in October 2009 by the Stifterverband and the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs. The reasons for the university’s success in this competition are the quality of its existing course offerings and its overall concept for instructional development, “Windows for Higher Education.” The funding from the competition will allow the university to create more freedom for teachers to develop innovative new forms of teaching and learning.


The Instructional Development Award (IDA) recognizes professors of the University of Freiburg who propose innovative ideas for the targeted further development of study programs in their discipline. Approximately 210,000 euros per year are invested in instructional development at the university.
Instructional Quality Workshop (IQ-Net)
The Instructional Quality Workshop (IQ-Net) bundles knowledge, experience, and new ideas in the area of instruction. Open to all teaching faculty of the university as well as to external educators, the workshop provides a platform for exchanging and sharing reports, videos, or presentations. The university intends to use the positive impetus generated by this initiative to further elaborate and strengthen its instructional profile in the long term.


The university and the State of Baden-Württemberg traditionally award the following teaching prizes:


University Teaching Prize
The prize is awarded for outstanding individual courses, many years of excellent and methodologically sound teaching (as evidenced by evaluation), and/or innovative instructional concepts. A total of 25,000 euros are awarded each year.
State Teaching Prize
The State of Baden-Württemberg honors great achievements in university instruction, for instance courses of various types with especially well-prepared accompanying material and structure.