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Institution-Wide Human Resources Development

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Individual competencies and capabilities on the one hand, teamwork and consideration toward colleagues on the other – these are crucial factors for shaping future changes in the research system and taking them in a positive direction. The core task of institution-wide human resources development at the University of Freiburg is thus to foster and develop the competencies of academic and research support staff. The university supports its employees both during individual career and qualification phases and in times of transition by identifying the various stages of professional and individual development, outlining potential career paths at and outside of the university, and offering support services for specific groups.

The University of Freiburg established the Human Resources Development Office at the beginning of 2017. It is responsible for implementing the university’s institution-wide human resources development concept and for preparing its human resources concept for research support staff. The Office for Strategy and University Development (S&E) is responsible for the human resources development concept for academic staff.

Academic Staff

The University of Freiburg makes a distinction between four academic career phases, following the orientation framework proposed by the European Commission:

  • Doctoral phase (S1)
  • First postdoctoral phase  (S2)
  • Second postdoctoral phase  (S3)
  • Professorship (S4)

The individual measures within these phases are oriented toward the following common phases of employment:

  • Recruitment
  • Integration
  • Development
  • Transition to the next career phase/dismissal

List of human resources development measures

Research Support Staff

The University of Freiburg’s human resources development measures for research support staff are oriented toward the phases employees pass through in the course of their working life:

  • Recruitment
  • Integration
  • Development
  • Transition to next career phase/dismissal

We are currently compiling a list of established measures at the University of Freiburg, which we will then present here on this central web page. Until then, we ask you to please contact the Human Resources Development Office for more information.