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Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter

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Calendar of events of the University of Freiburg   The calendar of events lists events at the university (e.g., guest lectures, symposia, etc.).
Circulars of the university administration   The circulars of the administrative board inform you as to important legal changes and decisions made by the administration.
Current announcements of the administration   The current announcements of the administration describe new administrative procedures and responsibilities for the staff of the university.
Dates and deadlines   Important dates for students of the University of Freiburg are listed on the Student Portal.
Job Postings for the University of Freiburg   You can post your own job offers or view existing job offers at the University of Freiburg on our job postings page.
Official Announcements from the Administration and the Rectorate [de]   Regulations and statutes passed by the university are published online in the Official Announcements ("Amtliche Bekanntmachungen").
Podcast   An overview of the selection of podcasts offered by the University of Freiburg
Recent Press Releases   Our press releases inform the media and interested citizens about the latest news from the University of Freiburg.
uni'leben [de]   uni leben is the bi-monthly university newspaper.
University of Freiburg Weather   A weather station on top of the chemistry high-rise provides meteorological data on current weather conditions at the university.
university radio echo-fm 88.4   echo-fm 88.4 is the student-run radio station of the university. It can be heard at 88.4 FM as well as on the internet.
University television   Uni-tv is the university’s student television project. Its regular show is the Freiburg university magazine alma*, which is broadcast on the internet, on the station TV Südbaden, and on Campus-TV Baden-Württemberg.


Administrative departments & head offices [de]   The administrative departments and head offices are the organizational backbone of the central administration.
Central Service Centers   The central service centers include the university's most important transdisciplinary service departments.
Central University Administration [de]   The website of the central administration includes information on and contact information for all administrative units of the university.
Committees and Boards   Various governing bodies are responsible for the concerns of the university as a whole and affiliated groups.
Faculties and institutes   The overview of the faculties reveals the diverse spectrum of disciplines at the University of Freiburg
Governing Bodies   The university's governing bodies introduce themselves on these pages.
History of the University [de]   Click here for an entertaining introduction to the history of the university.
MSR - Ministry of Science and Research   The university is subordinate to the State Ministry of Science and Research of Baden-Württemberg (MWK).
The university in numbers   The statistics pages offer insight into developments in the number of matriculated students, degrees, staff members, third-party funds, and the property of the university.

Counseling Services & Staff Representatives

Addiction Clinic [de]   The university’s Addiction Clinic, run by the Work Group for Persons at Risk and Child Welfare at the Archdiocese of Freiburg, is available to help in cases of substance abuse and addiction.
Equal opportunity representative   The equal opportunity representative advises women and fathers who work in the administration and technical departments.
Occupational Medicine and Healthcare Service [de]  
Personalrat [en] [de]  
Psychosocial counseling service   The psychosocial counseling service offered by the university is run by the AGJ Association for Prevention and Rehabilitation. It provides counsel in conflict situations at the workplace and private crises and helps clients to find external help.
Representative body for disabled persons   The representatives for disabled persons ensure that the university follows all laws, ordinances, agreements, etc. for the promotion of disabled persons.
Youth and trainee representatives [de]   The youth and trainee representatives (JAV) advocate the interests of trainees at the university.

Continuing Education

The Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW)   The Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW) coordinates continuing education programs for those already working a full-time job. These programs include certificate courses designed to provide further theoretical grounding for practical work experience and a selection of master programs which can also be taken as distance learning programs. Academically sound and at the same time practically oriented, these interdisciplinary continuing education programs can open up new horizons for your career or even provide the foundation for a change of professional emphasis.
University continuing education programs   The central administration has compiled a list of all continuing education programs offered at the university.


Administrative forms [de]   The central administration of the university offers most of its forms as downloads online.
Budget Information System   With the help of the online Budget Information System (MBS), university institutions can view up-to-date information on the university’s financial situation.
Cost and activity accounting   All documents on cost and activity accounting at the University of Freiburg are included on a separate website.
Department Of Environmental Protection   The experts at the Department of Environmental Protection answer all questions concerning environmental protection and waste management, in particular questions on the chemical exchange service.
Dual Career Service   The Dual Career Service supports spouses and partners of new employees in top academic, administrative, and technical positions who need help organizing their move or finding work.
Family service [de]   The Family Service Office creates reliable structures for improving the compatibility of career and family and provides information on child care services and family-friendly infrastructure.
Faults services   The faults services of the Main Technical Office offer help with technical problems and defects.
Help in Emergencies [de]   In cases of emergeny, the university offers various services for removing disturbances, averting dangers, and coping with damages. Click here for contact information.
Mail Room [de]   The Mail Room is responsible for sending and distributing external and internal mail at the university.
New employees   The administration has created a page summarizing the most important information for new employees of the university.
Reproduction Center   The University Reproduction Center prints as many copies of your publication as you wish.
Service A-Z (Central Administration)   The area "Service A–Z" (previously "What Is...?") on the Central Administration portal includes detailed descriptions of services and procedures and information on special administrative topics.
Servicepoint E-Learning   The Servicepoint E-Learning introduces you here to possibilities for implementing multimedia and to the eLearning services at the university.
Unicard   The Unicard serves as a student or staff identity card, as a debit card for cafeterias and other university institutions, and as a key to access certain rooms and machines (e.g., copiers). In addition, it is also used to manage student data (address, semester registration, exams, etc.).
University IT Services   The University IT Services Department offers computing services for the University of Freiburg. A central university facility, the department has provided the university's IT infrastructure since 1966. Visit the IT Services website for more details on the department's responsibilities and services.
University Library   The website of the University Library includes important information on performing library searches and checking out books.


Social Movements Archive   The Freiburg Social Movements Archive has collected books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, photos, posters, banners, protocols, and other statements and relics from the new social movements.


Botanical Gardens   The Botanical Gardens offer the general public the chance to view an interesting and wide array of plants.
Cafeteria menu   The cafeteria offers several menus each day for students, employees, and visitors of the university. You can view the menu for the current week online.
Information from the Recreational Sports Program   The Recreational Sports Program offers sports for all students and staff members of the university. The general public is also welcome to take part.
Staff dining hall in the Haus zur lieben Hand   The university staff dining hall in the “Haus zur lieben Hand” offers homestyle cooking at moderate prices.


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