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Genaue Beschreibung der Veranstaltung:
Referent/in:International speakers
Thema:International Conference on Immunology, Immunodeficiency and Immunotherapy
Beschreibung:Dear colleagues and friends,
On behalf of the boards of the CCI, CRC-1160, CARAT and EN-ACTI²NG, we are delighted to invite you to participate in our International Conference on Immunology, Immunodeficiency and Immunotherapy to be held in Freiburg from 27-29 June 2018.
The International Conference on Immunology, Immunodeficiency and Immunotherapy will take place at the Forum Merzhausen located in the South of Freiburg just a few minutes from the main railway station, hotels and restaurants. The organizing committee has compiled an exciting scientific program highlighting current research topics in basic and translational immunology. In addition to plenary sessions held by internationally renowned speakers and presentations in main symposia, young scientists will also be given the opportunity to present data. Apart from the usual exhibition of posters for each of different subject areas, abstracts for short presentations are selected.
We cordially invite everyone to submit abstracts and to join us in Freiburg for this exciting event. All Freiburger immunologists are looking forward to welcome you to our city with the charm of a small baroque town. We hope to make this special meeting a memorable event!

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Stephan Ehl (CCI, CRC-1160)
Prof. Wolfgang Schamel (EN-ACTI²NG)
Prof. Toni Cathomen (CARAT)
Ausführliche Beschreibung:More information on the conference programme will shortly be available.
Veranstaltende Institution:CRC-1160, CCI, CARAT, EN-ACTING

Centrum für Chronische Immundefizienz (CCI)

Hugestetter Str. 55
79106 Freiburg
Weitere Infos:
Ansprechpartner/in:Dr. Heike Ufheil
Tel: 0761/270-71020
Zeit:27.06.2018 12:00 - 29.06.2018 18:00
Ort:Forum Merzhausen, Freiburg i. Breisgau
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