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A Vibrant Comprehensive University


The whole is more than the sum of its parts: At the heart of the University of Freiburg are its 11 faculties and 18 research centers, where the instruction and research take place. Whereas the faculties unite related fields of study, the research centers conduct interdisciplinary and interfaculty research projects. These institutions are complemented by the central service departments, which provide a range of university-wide services. The interplay between these parts makes up the excellent profile of the University of Freiburg.



University Library (UB)
With a collection of 3.6 million volumes, the University Library is the largest research library in the region of Southern Baden. In addition, the UB runs a Media Center, which offers a variety of multimedia services. The University Library’s main purpose is to supply 20,000 employees and students with literature and information, but it is also open to the general public, government agencies, and private companies.

Computing Center (RZ)
The Computing Center is the central IT competence center of the university. It provides a broad spectrum of information and communication services and an efficient, modern IT infrastructure for instruction and research.

University Archives
The University Archives are responsible for cataloging, appraising, and preserving valuable written material from all over the university. In addition, the department collects material from institutions associated with the university, from associations, and from deceased professors and prepares collections on the history of the university.

Uniseum Freiburg
The official museum of the University of Freiburg, the Uniseum focuses on research and instruction at the university from their inception in the 15th century to the present. The Uniseum organizes events, installations, performances, and exhibitions which provide a forum for innovative teaching and learning and an engaging dialog with society, cultural institutions, and the business world.

Studium generale
The Studium Generale program of the University of Freiburg can pride itself on a 50 year history in which it has served as a model for many other similar programs and institutions. Its goal is to encourage interdisciplinary dialog – particularly between the natural sciences and the humanities – and network specialized knowledge about a complex world. At the core of Studium Generale is an extensive program of lectures and lecture series in which scholars from Freiburg and guests from Germany and abroad present the latest developments in their field and examine interdisciplinary perspectives of their research.

Recreational Sports Program (AHS)
Whether yoga or hockey, football or frisbee, canoe polo or tennis – the Recreational Sports Program provides the students and employees of the university with the opportunity to engage in a vast array of physical activities.