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  • Härtefälle und Nachteilsausgleich
    Die im Rahmen der Härtequote zur Verfügung stehenden Studienplätze werden an solche Bewerber vergeben, bei denen die Ablehnung des Zulassungsantrages mit Nachteilen verbunden wäre, die bei Anlegung eines strengen Maßstabes über das Maß der mit der Ablehnung üblicherweise verbundenen Nachteile erheblich hinausgehen. In der Regel können nur solche Gründe anerkannt werden, die in der Person des Antragsstellers liegen.
  • Hausdienst
    Hausdienste im Überblick: Kontaktdaten und Adressen der Hausdienste (Hausmeister) in Gebäuden der Universität Freiburg. [Intranet Uni]
  • head of administration
  • Heads and Hands – recruiting fair [de]
    The “Heads and Hands” recruiting fair brings employers and job seekers together face to face.
  • Health Care Management
    Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), extra-occupational, 2 semesters
  • Help in Emergencies [de]
    In cases of emergeny, the university offers various services for removing disturbances, averting dangers, and coping with damages. Click here for contact information.
  • Higher Education Compass
    The Higher Education Compass is an informational resource of the German Rectors Conference. It provides information on all German higher education institutions, their study programs, and their international partners.
  • Historical Collections [de]
    The historical collections include the manuscripts, autographs, early printed books (primarily incunabula and books from the 16th and 17th centuries), rare books (historical books printed before 1900 and modern books that are rare, valuable, or worthy of protection), and papyri of the University Library, as well as its art collection and the holdings of the Geological Archive.
  • History of the University [de]
    Click here for an entertaining introduction to the history of the university.
  • Holiday childcare service for the children of faculty, staff, and students [de]
  • Honors and awards
    The Representative of the rector for Honors and Awards informs and advises the students, staff, and faculty of the University of Freiburg on research awards, research stipends from the federal government, the state, the German Research Council, and endowments.
  • Hotel Reservations for Guests of the University of Freiburg [de]
  • Human resources development [de]
    For the University of Freiburg, human resources development means qualifying and cultivating employees as individuals and members of a team and providing the necessary organizational infrastructure to achieve this objective.




  • kongress&kommunikation
    kongress&kommunikation attends to all your organizational needs for conferences, conventions, symposia, or continuing education courses and helps you develop the optimal communication platform.







  • Raum- und Hörsaalvergabe
  • Reading room
    The University Library has two reading rooms which can be accessed from the entry and catalog hall on the 2nd floor. Reading room I for humanities is on the 4th floor, and reading room II for law, economics, social and natural sciences, and geography is on the 5th floor.
  • Recent Press Releases
    Our press releases inform the media and interested citizens about the latest news from the University of Freiburg.
  • Recreational activities
    Freiburg has a lot to offer as far as recreational activities are concerned – both from the university and from other organizations.
  • Recreational Sports Program (AHS)
    The Recreational Sports Program offers students and employees of the university all manner of sports, from A like aerobics to Y like yoga.
  • rector
  • RegioTriRhena
    The University of Freiburg is a member of the Regio TriRhena Committee, a politically motivated, tri-national cooperation platform in the southern Upper Rhine valley which works to improve regional cooperation across national boundaries.
  • registration
  • registration for examinations
  • Registration Office
    The Registration Office is responsible for the Application and Admission, Matrikulation (enrollment), Registration, Changing Fields and Institutions, Study Space Exchange, Leaves of absence, Exmatriculation and Guest Students
  • Representative body for disabled persons
    The representatives for disabled persons ensure that the university follows all laws, ordinances, agreements, etc. for the promotion of disabled persons.
  • Reproduction Center
    The University Reproduction Center prints as many copies of your publication as you wish.
  • Research Centers
    Interdisciplinary research is at the core of the university’s 18 research centers. They testify to the high standing of excellent research at the University of Freiburg. Needless to say, they all enjoy an outstanding international reputation and engage in intensive international exchange.
  • Research Centers and Institutions
    Besides the faculties and institutes, the university hosts collaborative research centers, research training groups, research centers, and working groups.
  • Research database
    The central research database includes the research protocols and publication lists of all institutes and institutions of the university as well as data on faculty members, research projects, publications, and theses in your field.
  • Research Information Service
    The University of Freiburg is a member of the German Research Information Service (Informationsdienst Wissenschaft), which offers current nationwide information from all areas of scholarly research.
  • Research promotion programs of the European Union
    The EU Office provides information on the research promotion programs of the European Union.
  • Research sabbatical [de]
    The term “research sabbatical” refers to the prerequisites and procedures whereby professors are granted temporary leave from their teaching and administrative obligations with no cut in pay in order to work on a specific research project.
  • Reserve shelves
    overview of reserve shelves
  • resident registration office
  • Resident Registration Office
  • Results of the selection procedure [de]
    These tables show you how many points or how long a waiting period was necessary for admission to a course of study.
  • RSS feeds at the University of Freiburg
    The University of Freiburg provides the current announcements of the university and the central administration, job postings, a calendar of events, and numerous podcasts as RSS 2.0 newsfeeds.


  • Scholarship database of the DAAD
    Students with good grades can apply for a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to help finance their course of study.
  • Science Fair
  • Selection procedure
    Registration Office – Selection and aptitude assessment procedures
  • Semester break
    Strictly speaking, the university does not have a real semester break, but rather only a two-month period in which courses do not meet. You can find out when classes begin and end each semester on the student portal.
  • semester ticket
  • Seminars of the Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center of the Office of Student Services
    The Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center offers a series of seminars on “studying successfully.” It includes courses on organizing your studies and preparing for examinations.
  • Senat der Universität Freiburg
    Der Senat repräsentiert alle Bereiche der Hochschule. Aufgrund ihres Amtes gehören ihm an: die Rektoren, der Kanzler, der Rechtsberater des Rektors, die Gleichstellungsbeauftragte und die Dekane der elf Fakultäten. Gewählte Mitglieder repräsentieren die Hochschullehrer/innen, den wissenschaftlichen Dienst, die Studierenden und weitere Mitarbeitende. Die Amtszeit der Wahlmitglieder dauert vier Jahre, die der Studierenden nur ein Jahr.
  • Service A-Z (Central Administration)
    The area "Service A–Z" (previously "What Is...?") on the Central Administration portal includes detailed descriptions of services and procedures and information on special administrative topics.
  • Servicepoint E-Learning
    The Servicepoint E-Learning introduces you here to possibilities for implementing multimedia and to the eLearning services at the university.
  • Services and Advising for Students
  • Services for citizens [de]
    Administrative services offered by the City of Freiburg, i.e. Resident Registration Office, Immigration Office, Social and Youth Services Office, lost and found, list of departments, garbage pick-up, notary services, resident parking permits, driving licences, police clearance certificates, births, marriages, automobile registration, children´s pass, registered partnerships, income tax cards, resident registration information, personal identification cards, passports, deaths, moves, official documents
  • setting goals
    Numerous services are available to help you find the right degree program and focus for your studies.
  • Sinologie
    Die Freiburger Sinologie befasst sich schwerpunktmäßig mit dem modernen und gegenwärtigen China. Sie ist historisch-sozialwissenschaftlich geprägt und verbindet die interdisziplinäre Erforschung des Gegenstandes China mit der Ausbildung in der chinesischen Sprache. Das moderne China wird in Freiburg in seiner ganzen Breite – Politik, Wirtschaft, Gesellschaft, Kultur, Geschichte – erforscht. Die China-Expertise an der Universität Freiburg verteilt sich auf die Fächer Sinologie, Geschichte, Recht, Soziologie, Medizin und Psychologie. Vertreter dieser Fächer arbeiten in Forschung und Lehre eng zusammen.
  • Sleeping Lab [de]
    The Sleeping Lab at the Department of Pneumology of the Freiburg University Medical Center diagnoses and treats sleeping disorders and sleep-related illnesses with internal causes. The lab places special emphasis on breathing disorders.
  • social counselling
  • Social Movements Archive
    The Freiburg Social Movements Archive has collected books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyers, photos, posters, banners, protocols, and other statements and relics from the new social movements.
  • software
  • Special Literary Collection [de]
    The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures is building up a special collection titled "Women and the Image of Women in Russian Culture" under the direction of Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Cheauré.
  • Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine
    The "Spemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine (SGBM)" offers a dynamic interdisciplinary training program that prepares students for future scientific challenges. Its ultimate goal is to create a top notch "Life Scientist of the Future" who can assimilate knowledge and techniques from various disciplines as well as combine basic with translational research, biotechnology and product/drug development.
  • Spirituality and Interculturality
    Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS), extra-occupational, 4 semesters
  • Sponsorship model for new employees [de]
  • SSC - Science Support Centre
    The Science Support Centre provides postdoctoral researchers at the University of Freiburg (except for those in the field of medicine) a full range of advising and support in all phases of planning and applying for external research funding.
  • Stabsstelle Justiziariat / Stiftungs- und Vermögensverwaltung / Steuern
  • Staff Children´s Day at the University of Freiburg [de]
    The University of Freiburg has held a Staff Children´s Day on Girls´ Day for many years. On this day employees of the university can bring their children with them to the office, lab, or workshop. On the one hand, this increases awareness for the topic "family" at the university, and on the other hand, it gives children a first-hand look into a variety of professions, thus helping them to decide what they would like to do when they grow up.
  • Staff council
    The staff council provides help in all employment-related matters, from employment law to supplementary benefits.
  • Staff dining hall in the Haus zur lieben Hand
    The university staff dining hall in the “Haus zur lieben Hand” offers homestyle cooking at moderate prices.
  • Staff directory
    The staff directory allows you to find staff members of the university and the medical center with ease.
  • state examination
  • State examination (for secondary school teacher training)
  • State Teaching Award
    What is eligible for nomination?: exemplary measures for improving studies, examinations, and teaching; courses of various kinds with especially well designed material and structure; tutorials and orientation courses; writings or materials which benefit studies, such as a new textbook which hasn´t yet become established on the market; monographs on teaching methodology.
  • Statistical data
  • Stay abroad
    Studying abroad
  • Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung „hochschulstart.de“
  • Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung „hochschulstart.de“ / Vergabeverfahren
    Das Vergabeverfahren von hochschulstart.de wird in Fächern durchgeführt, in denen bundesweit ein Mangel an Studienplätzen besteht. An der Universität Freiburg sind das zur Zeit die Fächer: Humanmedizin, Pharmazie, Zahnmedizin
  • Strategic Concept for Equal Opportunity 2008
  • Strategy and Development
    This office works out concepts for higher education development under the authority of the rector and supports the Rectorate in identifying and implementing long-term strategic goals. It also monitors central, strategically relevant research structures (such as measures of the Excellence Initiative) and sees to it that they are integrated permanantly into university structures.
  • student advising for international applicants
  • Student Affairs Office
    The Student Affairs Office (ZSA) of the university administration deals with all administrative needs of students.
  • Student groups
    Freiburg’s students pool their efforts in groups: to discuss, get involved, plan, become creative, party, live...
  • Student Life
    Students can´t spend all of their time studying: They need to eat, sleep, ... and have fun. Here are a few tips.
  • Student newsletter
    The newsletter for students reports 4 to 5 times per semester on innovative, interesting, and entertaining topics from your university.
  • Student Portal
    Information And Services For The Study
  • Student visas (International Student Admissions Office)
    Depending on which country you are from, you might need a visa for study purposes to enter Germany.
  • StudentSpeak
    Freiburger Studierende berichten in Videobotschaften über ihre Erfahrungen im Studium und über das Leben in Freiburg
  • Studienorientierungsverfahren für die Studiengänge mit Abschluss Bachelor, Magister Theologiae und Kirchliches Examen
    Voraussetzung für eine Zulassung ist die Teilnahme an einem Studienorientierungsverfahren. Bitte fügen Sie das entsprechende Bestätigungsformular dem Antrag auf Zulassung bei. Sofern das Bestätigungsformular zum Zeitpunkt der Bewerbung noch nicht vorliegt, müssen Sie die Bestätigung über die Teilnahme am Studienorientierungsverfahren spätestens zur Einschreibung vorlegen.
  • Studium Generale / extra-curricular studies
    The Studium Generale program offers numerous cultural events, lectures, excursions, and continuing education courses.
  • study abroad
  • study spot exchange
  • Studying with children
    The Student Portal includes information on support for students with one or more children.
  • Studying with EUCOR
    EUCOR information at the University of Freiburg
  • Summer Ball of the University of Freiburg
    The rector invites all students, faculty, and staff of the university to the Summer Ball each year.
  • Surgical Hospital
  • Surprising Science: The Science Portal of the University of Freiburg
    Renowned science and research, academic departments steeped in tradition, and the honor of being selected as one of the nine best universities in Germany in the Excellence Initiative—these qualities bear witness to the high caliber of scholarship at the University of Freiburg. We at Surprising Science have taken it upon ourselves to report on these outstanding achievements. The initiative provides transparent accounts of selected projects with practical relevance and actively promotes exchange between researchers, the media, and the interested public.
  • Sustainable University Work Group
    In addition to engaging in education and research, a university must also secure and manage the resources necessary to keep it functioning. It is crucial in this matter to take into account the university´s function as a disseminator of knowledge, and this societal responsibility also involves ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities for enjoying an education that we do. We have drawn up environmental guidelines and are now in the process of implementing them in university practice. In addition to advocating measures for environmental protection, these guidelines are also designed to promote the health and safety of faculty, staff, and students. Daily life at the university offers ample opportunities to develop and implement interdepartmental strategies, concepts, and models for realizing our guiding principle and implementing a concept for sustainability. In addition to sustainable consumption, sustainability should of course also be an issue in teaching and research.


  • Taxation
    Online Master Programme (MA), extra-occupational, 7 semesters
  • Teaching appointments [de]
    In order to extend their course offerings, the faculties can receive permission from the administrative board to grant special teaching appointments to persons who have the appropriate education, ability, and professional skills for specific courses they wish to offer.
  • Team International
    Click here for information from Team International for international students (incomings) and for Freiburg students who wish to study or complete an internship abroad (outgoings).
  • Technology Transfer Office
    The Technology Transfer Office of the Freiburg University (ZFT) is the interface between the university medical centre and the university of Freiburg and the economy.
  • The Biochemistry of Enzymes
  • The coin collection of the Department of Ancient History
    The coin collection of the Department of Ancient History includes approx. 14,000 coins, mostly from the Roman Empire.
  • The EU mobility program ERSAMUS
  • The Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW)
    The Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW) coordinates continuing education programs for those already working a full-time job. These programs include certificate courses designed to provide further theoretical grounding for practical work experience and a selection of master programs which can also be taken as distance learning programs. Academically sound and at the same time practically oriented, these interdisciplinary continuing education programs can open up new horizons for your career or even provide the foundation for a change of professional emphasis.
  • The future of the university [de]
    What makes the university capable of acting in the long term? This is an eminently important question to answer in order to ensure the viability of the university in the 21st century. At the core of this complex question are varoius dialog processes. Internal and external dialog processes are important because they do justice to the university`´s diversity and are also a concrete reflection of this diversity. University culture is not only shaped by the communication between its employees, it is a complex, long-term dialog process which creates identity. What do we identify our university with? Where do we want it to go as an organization? What potential must we activate in order to achieve this goal and how can we find this potential? The Future and Dialog Workshop of the University of Freiburg supports and coordinates these processes. The first step was the "Humboldt Laboratory," a congress on the future of the university in May 2007, at which 320 experts from education, politics, industry, and administration convened to develop a vision for the future of the university.
  • The university in numbers
    The statistics pages offer insight into developments in the number of matriculated students, degrees, staff members, third-party funds, and the property of the university.
  • The University of Freiburg on iTunes U [de]
    Experience the digital world of the University of Freiburg. We offer courses, lectures, interviews, concerts, and much more as audio or video podcasts. Playing the files on a PC, Mac, or other player is simple. If your computer does not support the iTunes software, you can use one of our RSS feeds to play the podcasts.
  • The world of microsystems engineering [de]
    Information for secondary school students on the world of microsystems engineering
  • Theatre in Freiburg
    The City of Freiburg introduces you to the theater scene in Freiburg.
  • timetable
  • Tourism [City of Freiburg]
    The City of Freiburg’s pages on tourism offer information on lodging, sightseeing, culture, events, sports, etc.
  • Training opportunities
    Opportunities for vocational training at the University of Freiburg are posted on the training opportunities page.
  • Transferable professional skills
    The area of professional skills is a mandatory component of all bachelor programs (B.A. and B.Sc.) at the University of Freiburg. The courses give students the opportunity to become acquainted with various fields of work and gain useful additional qualifications in order to develop a personal profile for the job market.
  • Transportation and arrival [City of Freiburg]
    The City of Freiburg presents various possibilities for traveling to and from Freiburg on this page and describes the public transportation in Freiburg.
  • Trial course of study for female school students [de]
    Each year during summer break the university invites female secondary school students to experience life at the university and try out various natural science disciplines.
  • Tuition advising service of the u-AStA
    The u-AStA offers independent advising on tuition for students.
  • Tuition Fees
    Starting in summer semester 2007 until winter semester 2011/12, universities in Baden-Württemberg charge general student tuition fees of 500 € per semester.
  • Tumor Biology Clinic



  • Verification
    Enrollment certificates now include a verification number external institutions can use to confirm their validity over the internet. This has become necessary because the certificates can now be printed at home and are thus no longer on special university paper. The verification number does not provide access to your personal data. It can only be used to confirm the validity of the information already printed on the certificate itself (name and registration information).
  • Visiting scholars
    All important information on visiting scholars is located on the website of the Welcome Service of the Internatioinal Office.
  • Visitor card/copy card (UniCard) [de]
    University departments and institutes can apply to the UniCard team to receive UniCard cards for their guests (not for regular employees or students). Visitor cards may be issued in the name of a specific guest or as transferable cards, e.g. as a departmental copy card.


  • Wahlplattform
    Allgemeine Informationen und Vorstellung der Listen und Kandidaten/innen bei Wahlen an der Universität Freiburg.
  • Web Style Guide
    Der Web Style Guide ermöglicht die CD-konforme Erstellung von Angeboten im Web und den Betrieb von eigenen Content-Management-Systemen (CMS). Die Angaben beruhen auf dem allgemeinen CD-Manual der Universität Freiburg und wurden um webspezifische Inhalte erweitert.
  • welfare
  • wireless LAN
  • workspace for the visually impaired
    Computer workspace for the blind and visually impaired



  • Zoological Gallery [de]
    The Zoological Gallery is located in the Institute of Biology I
  • Zukunftsworkshop Lehre: Lehren und Lernen an der Universität 2030
    Was macht die Universität langfristig handlungsfähig? Gute Forschung und Lehre! Nachdem in der ersten Runde der Exzellenzinitiative die Universität Freiburg ihre Forschungsstärke unter Beweis gestellt hat, rückt nun vermehrt die Lehre in den Fokus: Beim Wettbewerb Exzellente Lehre von Kultusministerkonferenz und Stifterverband war die Albert-Ludwigs-Universität mit dem Konzept Windows for Higher Education erfolgreich. Um die Lehrqualität langfristig zu fördern und eine nachhaltige Qualitätskultur zu entwickeln, wird ein kontinuierlicher Dialogprozess innerhalb der Universität angeregt.


Exzellenzinitiative grau
Total E-Quality
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