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How Does the Funding Reach the Research?


Freiburg Research Services (FRS)
Freiburg Research Services support researchers of the University of Freiburg regarding all questions of research funding. Amongst the support of established researchers and the advising and qualifying of doctoral candidates and postdocs, we also assist students planning stays abroad.
Freiburg funding portal
The Freiburg funding portal allows researchers of the University of Freiburg to search online for current calls for applications and funding opportunities. The professional database currently includes more than 1000 national and international funding programs.
Research Management Department (FOMA)
The tasks of the Research Management Department (FOMA) of the Faculty of Medicine include research promotion, strategic research planning, and quality assurance in research. The continual observation and evaluation of trends in research and technology serves as a foundation for strategic research planning. FOMA is also responsible for evaluating research activities.
Center for Technology Transfer (ZfT)
The Center for Technology Transfer (ZfT) is the connecting link between the University Medical Center and the University of Freiburg on the one hand and the private sector on the other. The ZfT supports and supervises the utilization of research findings made at the University Medical Center and the University of Freiburg. For businesses, the ZfT is the point of contact for all forms of cooperation with the university and for the utilization of research findings. Its spectrum of services ranges from contract research, patents, and licenses to support for start-ups.
Research Database
In 1996 the University of Freiburg set up a research database which was used initially by the University Medical Center. Since 1997 the database has been used to document and present the research activities of the entire university. The Freiburg Research Database allows recent research reports to be accessed directly on the Internet. In 1999 the Freiburg Bibliographic Directory was integrated into the research database, and in 2007 the content of the directory was assimilated into the category „Who is Who“ on the university homepage.
Freidok plus
On page Freidok plus you can publish and search for publications. Furthermore, all information on publications, persons and institutions has now been linked so that FreiDok plus portrays the entire research landscape of the University of Freiburg.
Third-Party Funding Department
The Third-Party Funding Department takes care of administrative matters for University of Freiburg researchers receiving project-based third-party funding up until completion of the project.