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Comprehensive Support for Doctoral Students.


The idea of establishing a central department to cater to the needs of all doctoral students is an integral part of the university’s Institutional Strategy. Thanks to the success of this strategy in the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments in 2007, the university has succeeded in making this idea a reality. The International Graduate Academy offers services for doctoral students and their dissertation supervisors, for the university’s graduate schools and research training groups, and for the faculties.

In particular, the IGA is responsible for:

  • Individual advising for doctoral students on how to find appropriate scholarship programs and grants and secure third-party funding.
  • Individual advising for doctoral students on organizational questions.
  • Advising for professors who wish to apply for a new research training or doctoral research group or receive an extension for an existing group.
  • The qualification of doctoral students for careers at and outside of the university.